Complete Edition (until 2014)


Letters I, 1852-1886

ed. Andrea Harrandt


B 24/1
2nd revised and enlarged edition (2009)
384 pages, sewn in soft covers
ISBN 978-3-902681-16-4 / ISMN 979-0-50025-267-2


Letters II, 1887-1896

ed. Andrea Harrandt and Otto Schneider (†) (2003)


B 24/2
396 pages, sewn in soft covers
ISBN 978-3-900270-54-4 / ISMN 979-0-50025-234-4


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Edited in the light of the latest research, this collection of letters takes account of the most recent findings from source materials; in addition to letters from and to Anton Bruckner, it also includes other letters dealing with the composer and his works.


1030 letters, more than 600 from the composer himself, allow us illuminating insights not only into Anton Bruckner's artistic development and the composition of his works, but also into his private life.