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Stage works

Der Corregidor, 1895

Opera in four acts. Text by Rosa Mayreder
Edited by Leopold Spitzer (1995)


W 12-DIR: Conductor's score 
4 volumes
ISMN 979-0-50025-132-3

W 12-KL: Vocal score
by Hugo Wolf
ISMN 979-0-50025-080-7

W 12-LIB: Libretto
ISMN 979-0-50025-081-4
ISBN 978-3-900270-31-5

W 12-RVB: Critical report 
ISMN 979-0-50025-155-2
ISBN 978-3-900270-35-3

W 12-CHP: Chorus score

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Dramatis personae:

Don Eugenio de Zuniga, Corregidor. Tenor
Juan Lopez, Alkalde. Basso profondo
Pedro,  his secretary. Tenor
Tonuelo, court messenger. Bass
Repela, servant of the Corregidor. Basso buffo
Tio Lukas, miller. Baritone
Frasquita, his wife. Mezzo-soprano
Donna Mercedes, Corregidora. Soprano
Duenna, in the service of the Corregidor. Alt
Manuela, maid in the service of Juan Lopez. Mezzo-soprano
Neighbour. Tenor

3(1st+Picc),2,C.A.,2,B.Cl.,2-4,3,3,1- Timp,Perc,Gl-Hp-Str
Stage music: 3Tpt, 2Hr

Der Corregidor is based on the novella El Sombrero de tres picos ('The Three-Cornered Hat') by Pedro de Alarcón. Wolf thought highly of his music for Der Corregidor; for him, with its vividly graphic quality and its remarkable simplicity and transparency, it compared favourably with his earlier works. The subject matter of this at once comic and also genuinely tragic work still has relevance for performers and audiences today – corruption, the arbitrary exercise of authority, and women's struggle for their rights. (Leopold Spitzer)


Wolf's vocal score was already in print before the first performance in Mannheim on 7 June 1896, and the composer's post-premiere revision can only be deduced from the performance material. Leopold Spitzer has cross-checked Wolf's revised score and vocal score and evaluated the source material in a detailed critical report.



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Manuel Venegas, 1897

Opera fragment. Text by Moritz Hoernes
Edited by Leopold Spitzer (1975)


W 13: Vocal score
ISMN 979-0-50025-053-1


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Dramatis personae:

Manuel Venegas, Tenor
Antonio Arregui, Baritone
Don Trinidad, parish priest, Bass
Vitriolo, apothecary, Tenor
Carlos, a retired Captain, Bass-baritone
Morisco, a muleteer, Buffo tenor
Majordomo of a pious fraternity, Bass
Soledad, Antonio's wife, Soprano
Donna Maria, Soledad's mother, Contralto
Clerics, guardsmen, common people.

(„Frühlingschor” from „Manuel Venegas": siehe W 11/6)

No sooner had he completed Der Corregidor, than Wolf had plans for a new opera, once again to be based on a novella by Pedro de Alarcón, this time the tragic story El Niño del la Bola ('The Lucky Kid'). The outbreak of Wolf's illness in September 1897 prevented him from carrying the project through.


Incidental Music for Ibsen's "Das Fest auf Solhaug", 1890/91 

Edited by Hans Jancik (1987)

for soli (mezzo-soprano, baritone), mixed chorus and orchestra


W 14-DIR: Full score
ISMN 979-0-50025-054-8

W 14-KL: Vocal score
von Leopold Spitzer (1991)
ISMN 979-0-50025-134-7

W 14-CHP: Chorus score 
ISMN 979-0-50025-135-4

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Margit's ballad 
Bergkönig ritt in die Lande weit

Gudmund's first song
Ich wandelte sinnend

March and chorus
Bei Sang und Spiel

Introduction to Act Two and chorus 
Nun streichet die Fiedel

Es locket ins Freie

Gudmund's second song
Ich fuhr wohl über's Wasser

Introduction to Act Three

Wir wünschen Freud' und Glück

Final chorus 
Gottes Auge wacht

Wolf's only commissioned work, his music for Ibsen´s Das Fest auf Solhaug was written for the Burgtheater and was first performed, extensively cut, on 21 November 1891. Wolf wrote to Melanie Köchert on 31 July 1897: 'I recently looked at the Solhaug score again and felt terribly sad that these fresh sounds may never be heard – and yet the air this music breathes is so genuinely dramatic.'