W O L F - B O O K S
Leopold Spitzer
Fakten und Daten
[A comprehensive presentation of facts and data on the text and the music allow the reader important insights into the lines of thought and working procedures Hugo Wolf followed in the composition of Der Corregidor.]
W 101136 pages, sewn in soft covers
ISMN M-50025-215-3
ISBN 978-3-900270-48-3 (2000)
Hugo Wolf

Edited by Ernst Hilmar and Walter Obermaier
W 100   84 pages, 13 x 20 cms, sewn in soft covers,
ISBN 978-3-900270-02-5 (1978)
'I hate the thought of living without you', wrote Hugo Wolf in a letter of 27 February 1894 to the singer Frieda Zerny (1864-1917), herself a person of broad culture and a talented author in her own right. Wolf's later letters also testify to his passion for her, a passion which was nevertheless on the wane by the time he wrote his last letter to her on 7 August 1895, which closes with a distant 'I wish you well'.
Edited by Leopold Spitzer, with the collaboration of Isabella Sommer
Two volumes (208 + 152 pages, sewn in soft covers), boxed:
W 102 ISBN 978-3-900270-63-6, ISMN M-50025-246-6 (2002)

Volume 1: Die Kritiken [musical reviews]
Volume 2: Kommentare und Register [commentary and index]
Hugo Wolf's musical reviews constitute an indispensable element in the Hugo Wolf Complete Edition. Volume I contains all the reviews written by Wolf for the Wiener Salonblatt in the period January 1884 to April 1887; Volume II contains a comprehensive commentary on the individuals, works and historical events mentioned, together with the exact programmes of the concerts in question. Indexes (of persons, and of works), and an editorial report complete this edition, which takes into account all the most recent research findings. Quite apart from the fact that Wolf researchers had long been agreed that a new edition of the reviews was sorely needed, the composer's biting wit gives us an amusing insight into the Viennese musical life of his time.

Letters 1873-1901

Edition in four volumes
edited by Leopold Spitzer

The edition comprises all of the composer’s letters known today, among them numerous first publications after original sources.

More than 2200 pieces of correspondence run the gamut from letters to the family of the 13-year-old schoolboy the the last, harrowing documents written by the already severely ill Hugo Wolf from the mental institution.

The edition of letters grants so far unknown glimpses into the biography of Hugo Wolfs and into the process of his works’ genesis as well as into his cultural and intellectual environment.

A separate volume of commentary documents all sources and variants and provides information on all persons, places and works mentioned in the letters. With its bibliographic reference and a comprehensive index of people, places and works the commentary is an indispensable companion through the correspondence of Hugo Wolf.

Each Volume in format 135 x 210 mm. Bound with dust jacket.

Volume 1: Letters 1873-1891
W 103/1. 680 pages, ISBN 978-3-902681-20-1

Volume 2: Letters 1892-1895
W 103/2. 840 pages, ISBN 978-3-902681-21-8

Volume 3: Letters 1896-1901
W 103/3. 672 pages, ISBN 978-3-902681-22-5

Volume 4: Commentary and Index
W 103/4. 868 pages, ISBN 978-3-902681-23-2


Leopold Spitzer
Hugo Wolf – Werk und Leben
[Hugo Wolf – Works and Life]

For the first time in a long while there is a comprehensive biography of Hugo Wolf. 
Leopold Spitzer, editor-in-chief of the Hugo Wolf Complete Edition and the editor of his writings, is a first-class expert in this field. 

His 2003 Wolf biography, which takes his works as point of departure, has been brought up to date with the current status of modern scholarship for this edition.

W 105. 192 pages, ISBN  978-3-903196-02-5

Leopold Spitzer
Hugo Wolf – Sein Leben in Bildern
[Hugo Wolf – His Life in Pictures]

Format 20 x 27 cms, bound (2020)
W 106, 120 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-903196-07-0

More than 200 images of Hugo Wolf, his family, and people from his private and professional surroundings as well as of the places of his residence and activities provide a comprehensive insight into many areas of the composer’s life.
With its extensive commentary this visual biography can stand alone, but is also an optimal supplement to Hugo Wolf’s writings and letters.


Symposion 27. – 28. April 2012,
Internationale Hugo-Wolf-Akademie Stuttgart

[Hugo Wolf – Between Myth and Reality
Symposium 27 – 28 April, 2012, International Hugo Wolf Academy Stuttgart]
Report ed. by Leopold Spitzer (2013)

Format 16,5 x 23,5 cms, sewn in soft covers
W 104. 144 pages, ISBN 978-3-902681-27-0
Christa Höller: Hugo Wolf und seine Familie
Leopold Spitzer: Das Netzwerk der Freunde
Julia Danielczyk: Hugo Wolf und die Frauen
Franziska Worel: Eduard Mörike und seine Komponisten: Die Gedichte im "Maler Nolten" – früheste Quelle der Mörike-Rezeption
Andreas Meyer: Liedsatz als psychodynamisches Modell: Hugo Wolfs nervöse Polyphonie
Wilhelm Sinkovicz: Hugo Wolf als Musikkritiker: Vom Mythos zur ästhetisch-kritischen Bestandsaufnahme
Thomas Aigner: Hugo Wolf und seine Verleger
Leopold Spitzer: Das "Neue": Fluch oder Segen
Hansjörg Bäzner: Hugo Wolf und seine Krankheit
Dietmar Langberg: "Der Corregidor" – ein Werk der Zukunft?
Hartmut Krones: Hugo Wolf und die Wiener Schule