T H E  S Y M P H O N I E S
  edited by Leopold Nowak (1952)
2,2,2,2-4,3,3,1-Timp-Str / 60'
B 6-STP Study score (revised edition 1997) ISMN 979-0-50025-163-7
B 6-DIRConductor's score ISMN 979-0-50025-169-9
B 6-RVBCritical report by Robert Haas - Leopold Nowak (1986)
ISBN 978-3-900270-07-0 / ISMN 979-0-50025-097-5
* Performance material for hire
The differences between Bruckner's autograph and the first printed edition of 1899 are a graphic demonstration of what drastic changes were made for the sake of bringing Bruckner's music into step with the orchestral sound prevalent at the time. The critical report is evidence of the intensity with which, throughout his life, Bruckner devoted himself to giving his works their final form and shape, paying attention even to the smallest details as he forged the musical texts which he intended to be binding for posterity.